Beta Hash is your trusted partner in cloud mining.

With us enables users to acquire the mining power of equipment in remote data centers rather than using their own machines.
If you want to save on the costs of mining hardware and do not want to spend too much time installing and calibrating Bitcoin software, you can rent hash services from cloud mining companies.
This offers you Beta Hash easily and user-friendly.
Take advantage of the technical superiority of our trading platform and work with our professional knowhow.
We offer you more than just a world-leading cloud trading platform, see for yourself.

Sha-256 Cloud Mining


  • Minimum Hashrate: 60 GH/s
  • Maintenance fee: 0.0029 $ / 10 GH/s / 24h
  • Hardware: Beta Hash SHA-256
  • 60 GH/s SHA-256 Lifetime
  • $ 7.20

    Sha-256 Cloud Mining


  • Minimum Hashrate: 3 MH/s
  • Maintenance fee: 0.003 $ / 1 MH/s / 24h
  • Hardware: Beta Hash SCRYPT
  • 2 year contract
  • $ 9.60